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Guide to Contests

Contests are a great way to launch your career and, often get feedback about your screenplay. Here is a guide to some of the available contests as well as Best Practices to implement during the entry process!

Normally $67 - Session Only Pricing $19!

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FINISHED! includes:

ACT 1-3 A complete course to write a screenplay that a reader will love. Ideas to get you started -- and everything to get it FINISHED!

THE LOOK METHOD! Double Your Productivity!

PITCHFEST PERFECTION! A live coaching call with the ins and outs of pitching your screenplay!

THE IDEA TRACKER! Wrangle all of your ideas into one spot!

OSCAR-WINNER INTERVIEWS Watch Oscar-winners discuss their process.

THE ACTOR'S PERSPECTIVE! See how an actor approaches a screenplay!

"I can't believe how much I've learned in such a short amount of time... It's unlike anything else I've encountered and my confidence as a writer has grown exponentially!" Nikki Lane

"What can I say? I was lost before you found me. Figuratively, that is... I am truly grateful for everything I have learned so far, and I am excited to continue learning and writing!" Steve Theroux

"FINISHED has been so incredibly supportive for putting together my latest screenplay, an idea I'd had for many years, but had not until now put to paper. I got it started and done in the duration of the course... Carolyn and Doug are equally positive and supportive and upbeat in their delivery of information, with tons of insight into the world of screenwriting." Sally Park Rubin

"So, I have to say, this is probably the best place to write. There are so many opportunities and benefits, it's a wonderful place for any writer...This is the place you belong if you struggle with procrastination, doubt, and self-defeat... You will learn how to get your story on its feet and force it to breathe. Keep going, never give up, and if you are looking for guidance, Finished will help you move forward....Get the pages down and do not worry about the process, it will be alleviated! Keep working and never give up. You'll have the final products and remember you only need one, "yes." This is the place to be to write!" Mickey Yelle


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